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Health CS Mutahi Kagwe speaks out on Robert Burale’s Covid-19 drama



Earlier this week controversial pastor Robert Burale announced that he had tested positive and is currently admitted in hospital.

The city pastor narrated that he had rushed to the hospital after developing breathing complications.

“Last week Wednesday I (after recording an FB program that airs of Fridays) was struggling to breathe and rushed to Nairobi Hospital where I was tested for Covid-19 and I tested positive. For two days I fought for my life under the great care of the doctors and nurses at Nairobi Hospital… I saw the hand of God… my progress is good… my vitals are responding well,” stated Burale

Kenyans however poked holes in the pastor’s story after he recorded a video hooked to an oxygen tank dressed in his everyday garments.

According to a section of KOT, the city pastor is faking the illness or is being used by the health ministry for a stunt.

This prompted health CS to speak out refuting any involvement with Burale.

Health CS Mutahi Kagwe during his Thursday briefing on Covid-19 said that he has no idea who Burale is.

“I have never heard of this guy. You are saying he is supposed to have been paid, by who? I don’t know what he is doing. When it comes to issues like rumours, if I were to respond to every rumour I would be very busy. I honestly don’t know about him. I don’t know who would have paid him or why he would be pretending. The guy might probably be sick but you have decided that he is not. Let me leave that one out,” said Kagwe

His response comes moments after moral cop Ezekiel Mutua also weighed in on the issue asking Kenyans not to make un of the ailing Burale.

“Never mock a man when he’s down. Never speculate, make jokes or be cynical about people’s health. We are all human and you can be fine one minute and the next all hell breaks loose. We are all so close to the edge. Life is fickle!” tweeted Dr Mutua.