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Health Ministry now says Covid-19 cases not declining


Health CAS Rashid Aman has reiterated the World Health Organization report cautioning Kenyans  against interpreting the drop in COVID-19 cases as a decline in the spread of the disease.

Aman stated that there has been a challenge in contact tracing in specific places and counties.

“Contact tracing may not has been effective as it ought to have been in some places. There has been a challenge in some of the hot spots like Nairobi County,” said Aman.

Aman also stated that contact tracing became a bigger challenge when the responsibility was given to the counties following the high community infections.

The World Health Organization also pointed out at the low number of tests being conducted in Kenya.

Some county labs have also reported shortage of test kits and specimen collection kits.

“The issues raised by WHO have validity as they could affect the trajectory,” said Aman.