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Health Rights Activists want NHIF to work in all private hospitals

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Health Rights Activists have are now asking the government to form a partnership with all private hospitals in the countries to ensure that the NHIF card works.

Samuel Kinyanjui of Health Rights Advocacy Group says many private hospitls are denying the NHIF cards from low income earners due to lack of partnership with the government.

Kinyanjui also stated that in order for the Universal Health Care Programme to work,  the present health system has not been redesigned to deliver quality or proper outcome for low income earners.

Kinyanjui was speaking during a dialogue with media stakeholders on how Universal Health Care can be achieved.

He also called for the abolition of separate payments for consultation drugs and various procedures saying they are cumbersome.

“ Universal Health Coverage(UHC) is bigger than NHIF because it ensures social protection,financial protection and ensures great focus on population health outcome” says Dr Kinyanjui.



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