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Heavy protests, Looting In Kayole Over Alleged Killing Of Boda Boda Operator By police

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Heavy protests have emerged in Nairobi’s Kayole area over an alleged killing of a boda boda operator by police officers.

The body of the boda boda operator was reportedly found today morning with gun shot wounds.

The protesters claim that the operator was killed by police officers implementing curfew rules.

“The police first hit him with a rungu and he fell off his motorbike. When we woke up the following morning, we found him dead with bullet wounds on his body,” said one protester.

The protests that lasted the whole morning saw the protesters block roads and burn tyres on the roads.

“The police cannot compete with corona in killing us. Police officers moving around Kayole in a Probox have made this place inhabitable,” said another protester.

“Even old women cannot go about their trade in peace. Police officers are harassing them… these are people trying to earn an honest living,” said the protester.


Some of the protesters turned to stealing from pedestrians and looting shops during the protests.

A heavy police contingent was however deployed in the area to contain the protests.

They lobbed teargas cannisters to repel the protesters.



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