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“Help me find my Parents” 29yr old Michael Mwania

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Michael Mwani a 29 year old from Nakuru County is desperate to find his biological parents.

He says that he was taken to a children’s home by police officers when he was only one year old. “I was brought to Arap Moi children’s home when I was one year old by a police officer. They said my mother was mentally ill and was not in a position to take care for me. I do not know about my dad because the records state unknown,” narrated Mwania during an interview at Ghetto Radio.

Mwani says finding his parents will be tough hurdle since records at the Children’s Home only has his mother’s name as Sofia Wambui and father as unknown. There is also no information of location, place of birth and a birth certificate.

Life at the children’s home

Mwania went through school by the help of the sponsors attached to Arap Moi children’s home.
“Life was very okay at the children’s home. They gave us quality care. I have missed nothing but for biological parental care and connection,” he said.

The home through the sponsors took them to visit parks and around the country. They had good food, accomodation and health care. He says he started noticing something was amiss during school visiting days when no one would show up. This gave him the urge to find his parents. He wanted someone he could tell and discuss with personal issues.

At the age of 18, he started inquiring about his official documents to assist him trace his parents. He wondered why they only told him of his story at 18 and only after he inquired.

“99% of my brothers and sisters from the children’s homes have found their parents with the help of the social workers. Why only me, why can’t my parents be traced?” Mwania asks in sorrow.

“Even adoption cannot stop the urge of knowing your biological parents. I want to know whose face and habit I posses,” he said.

Mwania says that he had lived in an adopted home for a while but the urge couldn’t stop. He even contemplated having a child while in college so they could be at least two in this world since being alone in this world worries and pains him.


How sibling tracing is done
Most of the children in homes are total orphans neglected by relatives. Some are however children neglected and brought in by police. Some have just escaped from homes while some are children of young mothers who cannot afford to take care of them.

According to Mwania, Children’s Homes should at least have the following information in the records:

  1. Name of who delivered you
  2. Physical address mother comes from
  3. If police, police station and the officer in charge
  4. If hospital, the name and the hospital personnel names

“If I had such information finding my parents would be easier. I don’t know how I’ll find them but I am determined. If I don’t, I’ll leave with it,” he says.



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