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Helpless Residents Spend Four Nights In the Cold

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A section of Madiwa residents in Eastleigh have spent approximately four nights in the cold following the demolition of their houses by a private developer.

Agnes Mwikali one of the affected residents claims that the developer showed up at their houses with armed goons who started demolishing their houses.

Mwikali says goons protected by the police conducted the demolitions with the tenants and children in the in the building.

“They came with sledge hammers and started demolishing our houses. Some of us had children in the houses but they did not care,” said Mwikali.

Speaking to Ghetto Radio NewsMwikali stated that some of them lost personal equipment to the goons who even resorted to physical assault.

“They stole phones and other gadgets from us some even went to the extent of assaulting us physically as the police watched. Mys sister who has a three month old baby, lost her phone to the goons,” she said.

Some of them sought refuge in their neighbors houses while some have been spending the night at the verandah of the building.


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