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Here is a list of how much Kenyans had to part with in the morning

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Kenyans today had a time commuting from their homes to work places due to the ongoing crackdown.

Most people were stranded for hours at the bus stops with no transport as most matatu operators opted to keep their vehicles away to avoid the ongoing crackdown with the once that were available charging exorbitant fares to benefit from the crackdown.

Others opted to walk for long distances to get to the job places while others stood at the bus stops waiting for the fare to drop to reasonable price.

Here is alist of how much Kenyans had to part with to get to twon;

Rongai to bomas-150

Rongai to town-ksh. 200in orokise sacco

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The Nganyas -250 to town no stop at bomas.

Umoja to town  200/=

Personal vehicles are charging 300/=


Githurai to town 200

Kangemi to town 200