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here Is Jaguar’s Advise To Artists On How To Make It


Starehe MP Charles Njagua a.k.a Jaguar has advised Kenyan musicians to adapt to the changes currently happening in the music Industry.

Njagua says this will help grow their music and also stop them from blaming people who do not support them.

He has also asked the artists to be united and get mentors to mentor them during their music journey.

“Every artist thinks that they are doing a good song, hakuna direction, ni ukweli songs zinafanana na hakuna mtu anaambia msani hapa unafaa kuchange kidogo na uende na trend yenye iko sahi. So when you do not have pioneers you will fail. Kwa sababu hakuna mtu anapeana direction unapata wasanii 20 wanatoa ngoma moja asubuhi kitu namaanisha ni lazima tukuwe na mentors na watu wanajua music industry vizuri,” said Jaguar.

The legendary musician said that he stopped singing because he could not match the competition he had from Sauti Sol group.


He also said that he even advised the group because his time in the music industry was up and he decided to join politics.

“There was a time I was A-lister in Kenya then after sometimes I realized that is when I joined politics hawa Sauti Sol wamenishinda and that is when I stopped singing kwa sababu niliona competition ikona Sauti Sol siwezani and that was a time nilikuwa naadvice Sauti Sol. After sometimes I realized nilitoa ngoma na pia Sauti Sol wakatoa na nikatoa adi remix lakini bado walinishinda,” added the Mp.

He further said that the music industry has grown and cannot match top musicians in Kenya like Otile Brown.