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Here is why ‘I am blessed’  is Mr. Vegas’ top songs and why he remains relevant to date


Dancehall star Clifford Smith popularly known as Mr. Vegas in an exclusive interview with Ghetto Radio’s Zabe revealed that he cherishes his song I am blessed.

The 46 year old legendary singer said ‘I am blessed’ will always be his all time favourite song because it tells the story of his life journey.

“Of course I am blessed is one my favourite songs and it took me weeks to write it. I first wrote it in my head before transferring it and I didn’t have the beat till I got the beat from a producer called Levi. It took some time, it became a hit  and it remains to be my favourite songs because it tells my story from nothing to something.” he said

So how has he managed to stay relevant for all this years in an industry where burn out is very easy?

Mr. vegas attributes his long stay in the music industry to his ability to release timeless songs that have managed to dominate airwaves any time they are played.

“You have to do music that can last. It is possible to have a hit song every week or every year. But if you do a song that in 10 or 20 years people can still sing then you will definitely survive the industry.” he added

Know your star:

The name “Mr. Vegas” was given to the dancehall star by his schoolyard football-mates, who thought that he kicked the ball like a Las Vegas dancer.

In his early years as a singjay, Vegas sang covers of Jamaican hits at local parties and shows, and acquired a reputation as a troublemaker for his lyrics. During a scuffle over stolen master tapes, Vegas was hit in the face with a crowbar and had his jaw wired shut for six weeks.

Vegas claims that, after hearing Beenie Man’s hit “Who Am I”, he immediately demanded that his still-healing jaw be unwired, changing his speech pattern but allowing him to practice toasting.

Mr. Vegas was born in Kingston Jamaica on 29th September 1974