Although being in the United States was somehow a blessing in disguise for her, Jamaican singer Shenseea has revealed that her move to the ‘land of opportunity’ was mainly influenced by the loss of her dear mother, Castilyn Eleanor Williams.

Shenseea lived with her mom before she passed away in June 2020 after being in hospital for sometime.

“I know you guys hear me talk about this a lot, but the death of my mom was really traumatizing for me and I couldn’t stay there,” Shenseea said during an Instagram Live.

The Sold Out singer adds, “I moved from where we were living at the time and it was still like, you know, it was still too much. So, I just left the country and brought my baby and my little core family with me, and we just took off and said that yow, we’re gonna start over and tuh, this is the start.”

Shenseea Buys New Home in the USA

In June 2023, Shenseea had shared that she bought a new home in the US, flaunting it on Instagram with photos of the stylish interior and mature orange trees on the property. “New house 🏠 who dis? 🔑,” she had captioned the photos.

In May 2020, a month before her mother’s demise, they revisited her childhood home in the inner city, where she opened up about her mother’s sacrifices to be a provider.

“Mommy was a single parent and worked live-in jobs, so, during my high school years, I moved back and forth between relatives just to get a place to stay,” she wrote in an Instagram post at time. “Then drop out a college (financial problems). Me get a nine-to-five and help me mada build a board house just to call our own. Yes, we were in the ghetto BUT a long time me have ambition…”

With that ambition, she aspired to elevate her mother’s life through her music career. “Mi disappointed seh mi just a really start [to] show her [a good] life,” she later shared in a livestream.


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