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Here’s Huddah’s message to King Kaka after faking that he was summoned by the DCI

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Socialite Huddah Monroe has put in her two cents on King Kaka’s publicity stunt.

On Tuesday, King Kaka made headlines after he tweeted that he had been summoned by the DCI following his controversial song dubbed ‘Wajinga Nyinyi’

Through a tweet, the DCI denied having summoned the singer and even called him out for using their platform for a publicity stunt.

“We wish to condemn strongly false information being peddled through social media to the effect that one Kennedy Ombima @RabbitTheKing has been summoned. Nobody from @DCI_Kenya has summoned him. Anybody wishing for publicity should be warned to desist from using the @DCI_Kenya as platform in seeking media attention,” read the DCI’s tweet

Now socialite Huddah Monroe is calling for King Kaka’s arrest saying that it was wrong for the singer to peddle false allegations about an assassination attempt as well as being summoned by the DCI.

“They should arrest King Kaka. SMH! He is an idiot for lying about the assassinations and also the DCI summon. I have never been this pissed after supporting someone this much. The message of the song has lost its meaning,” she wrote

Huddah also added that she had earlier on supported the singer but was very upset after learning of the false news.

“LMAFAO! Nimekasirika after posting that song and saying finally someone has spoken for us! Then unaleta hii Ujinga yote. Mjinga ni wewe! I was ready to go to the streets to fight for such a joke.” she added

In a separate post Huddah asked King Kaka to prove that there was indeed an assassination attempt on his life.

“Assassination attempt on u. where is the car? Where is the evidence? Let’s stop joking with life. Kenya is a free country! U are not that important. Nobody will try to kill u. The Govt knows Kenyans can’t do shit. They will only tweet and sleep,” she said

King Kaka has been at the center of all controversies following the release of his controversial song four days ago.


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