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Here’s what Bobi Wine went through after his arrest and in custody

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By Annette Amondi

Ugandan singer and politician Robert Kyangulanyi alias Bobi Wine managed to flay to the USA for special treatment this past weekend.

Wine has finally opened up about what transpired from the time he was arrested to the time of his release.

In a long post on social media, the politician narrated how he got the news about his driver’s shooting to the time he was harassed by authorities and even injected with unknown substance.

“I could not believe it….I quickly asked a team member to take him to hospital and another to call the police. We had not stepped away from that place when angry SFC soldiers came beating everyone they could see, As soon as they saw me, they said ‘there he is’ in Swahili,” he wrote

The singer narrated how he locked himself up in a room until the soldiers broke the door and pointed the gun to his head.

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“Another soldier pointed a gun to my head and ordered me to kneel down…..the soldier who broke into the room used the same iron bar to hit me…the second blow came straight to my head on the side of my right eye…They beat me, punched me and kicked me with their boots, “I cannot understand how these soldiers who I had probably never met in person could hate me so much.” He added

He was then taken to a different location where he was handcuffed to a metallic bed and injected with a substance.

Two MPs who paid him a visit after his arrest could not believe how he looked just a day after his arrest.

“The moment they saw me they could not hold back their tears.” He said

He was later taken to General Court Martial where he was accused of illegal possession of firearms.

“I was told that three guns had been assembled and said to have been found in my room.” He narrated

He was acquitted of charges against him by the military but rearrested outside the Gulu-based court and taken to a civil court.