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Here’s what Lovy Longomba of the Longombas has been up to



Before disappearing from the music scene years ago, the Longombas brothers took the Kenyan music scene by a storm with hits like Dondosa and Vuta Pumz.

The brothers relocated to the states and very little was heard about them until the time news made rounds that Christian Longomba, one half of the duo was critically ill and had to undergo a brain surgery which he successfully underwent.

Many were left wondering where Lovy had disappeared to, as it turns out Lovy received salvation back in 2013 and has been ministering to Christian faithfuls since then.

According to a video on his Youtube channel, Lovy became a prophet after receiving a message from the Lord.

“Fast forward to 2013, the lord positioned prophet Lovy in the valley of Los Angeles, CA and instructed him to begin a prayer group, in his living room, just as he was shown from his childhood visitation. Rooted in the prophetic, deliverance and healing, what began as a living room meeting has expanded to what would become revelation church.” he said

Lovy has now moved to open a Prophetic school and is calling on Christian faithfuls to enroll at Ksh.30,000.

The former singer turned minister has a huge congregation which he prophesies to every Sunday.

“Everybody has a measure of the prophetic, but there are levels and dimensions in the prophetic. A prophet is born with the ability to prophesy and see. He is trained by god himself and is born with a prophetic spirit.” he said during one sermon