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Here’s why critics are attacking Vera Sidika days after Launch of her Spa


Socialite Vera Sidika is being attacked by a section of netizens just a few days after the launch of her new Spa in Nyali.

In photos shared online, fans noticed that the curvy lass has put on weight and went on to ask her to use Veetox.

Veetox is Vera Sidika’s slimming detox tea that she has been selling for the past three years.

The attack started after media personality Jamal Gaddafi shared a photo in the company of Vera Sidika during her Spa launch over the weekend.

“Congratulations Vera on your big day @queenveebosset Vera SPA in 001 county” wrote Jamal

Critics flocked the comment section to ask the socialite turned business woman to cut down a bit.

Another section argued that her skin tone does not look as bright as it always has and she should be allowed to travel to the USA to get a touch up.


nduruannn: Huyu naye siamenona sasa.waaaa hii corona aitaki ujinga

Aai uyu ni Vera uwii 

Mami kusmama inaleta shida adi wataka kulia jamani,bt salute?congrats

shemeedison: Anahangaika na hayo makalio ya bandia?? wanawake toshekeni na maumbile ya Mola ? kheri kidogo chenye amani ?

She just got faat??

mercy_ramsey_: Filters please unachoma

❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️???????ana shepu buffalo?????

??????shikwekwe minus filter’s

amos_480k: Should have seated imbalance??

nihadbyb: Atapasuka nae ?


Duh,vera umekuwa boflo hivyo????


Vera without face tune, photoshop and filters….glad she looks like a real human being…the shoes can’t hold her weight

Kanona balaa?

Vera heels zinakataa hio weight


@nduruannn: anastruggle hadi kusimama??