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Here’s why Kush Tracey and Yvonne Darcq were fighting over Kristoff

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Earlier in the week rapper Kristoff rocked the news tabs after a dramatic video involving him, his girlfriend Yvonne Darcq and Kush Tracey went viral.

According to the video the singer allegedly cheated on Darcq with none other than Kush Tracey and they were busted leaving a club holding hands.

Fans were however not buying the affair thing claiming that the video looked staged and could be a promotion for Kristoff or Kush Tracey’s latest jam.

Word on the street is that the three artistes scripted the whole thing and released it in order to promote their latest jam ‘Bashing’.

Turns out Kristoff is set to drop the song featuring both Darcq and Tracey later today.

Let’s just hope the drama was worth it!


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