Here’s why Wyre went M.I.A for the longest time

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Wyre the love child has been MIA on the music industry for a while and fans thought he had chosen to retire.

The singer recently made a come back with a new tune dubbed ‘Wanilinda’ which has been a big tune among his fans.

So why did he go missing? Wyre who has been in the music industry for the past 23 years says while on an interview that he decided to take a break to rebrand because of the changing trends and styles in the music industry.

I’ve been traveling and trying to rebrand working on new content and you can tell from my latest release which was a week ago. Rebrand in terms of sound. I prefer being a trend setter. I felt I was burning out creatively.” He said

Wyre also added that he has evolved in the industry because he has always managed to study trends and that is why he always has different styles.

“23 years ago, I wasn’t doing this music. you always need to figure out how to be relevant to the new generation as it evolves a lot” he added

Wyre’s latest song which is a supremacy riddim and has ignited rumor that he has turned over a new leaf in his life was actually recorded last year.

“I recorded the song last year. i loved the supremacy riddim instrumental and when i was on tour in Germany, I met the producer of the riddim through a promoter friend of mine. I asked for permission to use his instrumental, voiced it, sent it and the producer loved and it is out now” he added