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Hessy arrests four notorious thugs behind series of killings in Dandora


Crime buster Hessy Wa Dandora on Saturday arrested four notorious thugs that have been behind the spate of killings in Dandora area two.

The knife wielding thugs have been operating in a group and are reportedly merciless, stabbing their victims to death after robbing them.

Their areas of operation, Powerline 41 and Cinema ya Chini in Dandora area two have been labeled as hot spots for crime.

One of the suspected thugs arrested was found with a knife hidden under his jacket.

Another suspect by the name Pau had allegedly been warned severally by Hessy to quit crime but did not heed to the warnings.

“I hope u all know hii sura ya #Pau, a very young boy that i have severally warned awachane na hii michezo, but haskii kabisa. Hii ni mbogi kwa bahati mbaya, ilinaswa leo asubuhi within Dandora phs 2,..their area of operation(powerline 41 and Cinema ya chini),” said Hessy.