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Hessy issues alert over Mpesa shops used as chang’aa dens


Undercover cop Hessy Wa Dandora has issued an alert over Mpesa shops in Downtown Nairobi being used as Chang’aa shops.

Hessy who is popularly known for fighting crime in most questionable means in Nairobi’s Eastlands are specifically mentioned Mpesa Shops at the OTC Bus terminus that are being used as chang’aa dens.

According to him, matatu drivers and conductors consume chang’aa in the dens then start harassing passengers.

“This is where some young men and women do contaminate their brains then start mis-handling innocent and law abiding citizens within the same area,” said Hessy.

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Hessy says the dens are not only used by Matatu drivers and conductors but with criminals who are terrorizing Kenyans.

He says this has been going on for sometime now despite complaints raised by Kenyans.

He has urged concerned authorities to take action.

“People have severally complained about the same stage for quite some times now,… The concerned office to take a serious action,” he stated.