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Hessy strikes yet again in Kayole!!!

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The phrase “rot in hell bastard” or R.I.H is becoming common in Kayole and Dandora areas. This is a sad tagline that deceased criminals, killed by trigger happy legion of cops known as Hessys, are getting in the now infamous social media platforms.

Only this weekend more than ten youth have been gunned down (kukula copper) in a span of two days which is rather disturbing to the fans of Hessys, who are now eliciting mixed reactions towards these deaths.

Although they are warned and told to surrender, many of the youth who are as young as fourteen years are not heeding to the warnings and so they are eventually murdered.

It’s only two weeks ago that twenty one year old Gaza gangster girl Marsha Minaj was warned and told to surrender but since she did not, Marsha is no more.

She was gunned down alongside an unidentified young man in Kayole Migingo area, in a house where they had sort to hide out. The house was raided by police who found weapons.

They had a gun and had tried to shoot back but ran out of luck and were quickly dealt with.

Marsha Minaj was a close friend and accomplice to Cleah  Njoki or Cleah adyy vybz who was gunned down on 12th May 2017.

After Cleahs death Marsha Minaj alongside other ladies or mules known as “Warembo Sacco” were warned to surrender or bite the bullet, but it seems the Hessys were really baying for their blood.

Mwanii another one of their accomplices is still at large and now it seems Cleah’s’ ‘mbogi’ or squad is now extinct.

Sunday also saw the fall of another deadly criminal Sampayo from Roysambu and his girlfriend Scolet Nyawira was warned to surrender although she has deactivated her face book account.

The photos are quit graphic.






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