Hessy Wa Dandora expresses frustrations after closure of his Facebook page

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Hessy Wa Dandora yesterday penned down an emotional message to his followers just a few hours after his popular Facebook Page Nairobi Crime Free was pulled down by Facebook.

Hessy who created a new Nairobi Crime Free Page stated how his actions and the page that was pulled down has helped him neutralize the deadly Gaza Gang that was terrorizing Nairobi’s Eastlands Residents.

The undercover cop further broke down the amount of money he spends on internet alone in his bid to ensure a crime free Nairobi.

According to Hessy, he uses approximately Ksh. 28,800 per year on internet bundles.

“I use Ksh. 100 worth of bundles everyday, per week that translates to Ksh. 700, per month it comes to 2400 which is equal Ksh. 28,800, now for two years and four months that is 67,200, so who is incurring losses here?” posed Hessy.

“I personally do this coz i have the passion of fighting violent crimes within Nairobi and its neighbourhood. No one has ever refunded me all this money and no one will ever do it,” he further stated.

Hessy further urged individuals uncomfortable with doing what he does to quit adding that he will not be at any loss if he stops doing what he does.