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Hessy Wa Dandora launches man hunt for suspects dancing with guns on waist


Crime buster Hessy Wa Dandora has launched a man hunt for two suspected thugs who were spotted dancing with a gun on their waist.

The video of the two suspects has been shared by Hessy on his Face Book page is showing the two suspects dancing to some reggae tunes playing on some parked matatus.

“I can see your boys are enjoying reggae music,…the one in a yellow T shirt????. My inbox is open as usual… will the reggae be stopped or not?” said Hessy.

One of the suspects is seen holding a bottle of some alcohol brand while the other one has the gun lodged on his waist.

Hessy has tagged his hit squad members hoping to bring the suspects to book.

Matatu crimes have in the recent past been on the rice with several criminals arrested by police for posing as matatu operators.

Early this month police arrested four robbery with violence suspects who were posing as matatu operators and recovered some stolen items.

The four have since been arraigned in court and charged.