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Hessy’s Fresh list of criminals!

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As we still keep up with Hessy’s endeavors he has unleashed a fresh list of criminals whom he believes need to come clean and surrender or they will be dealt with mercilessly.

He released the list on Monday evening and said in order for Dandora to be crime free the mentioned thugs should be done away with.

The list includes: Odu,Alexo,Macho,Suspect,Murage,Skille , who is always armed with a pistol and very slippery. Johnte, Leviso,Sampayo,Saidi,Maich, Kamore, Skepy,and many others. He further advices them to move back upcountry if life in the city is deeming hard for them to survive.

This comes amidst worries about Hessys mystery that is speculated to be from the Security and Crime unit. It is alleged that the name Hessy is actually from the letters SC and since when it is pronounced hurriedly it sounds like Hessy.

We still seek to unravel the Hessy mystery but in the meantime lets wait and see if any of the mentioned people will change their ways.



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