Hilarious: Fan ignores Nyashinski to take a photo with Juacali

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By Annette Amondi

If you follow Nyashinski on social media then you are aware that sometimes his inst stories are just full of funny clips and moments.

Nyashinski once made fan of Kenyan cops after the paper bag ban saying they would arrest a peddler simply for carrying his ‘product’ in a paper bag.

Well, Yesterday Shinski was back at it again after he shared a hilarious moment when a fan approached him and asked him to take his photo with Carlifonia’s finest Juacali.

“There is this time, I was standing next to Jua Cali. So, this guy comes, approaches us and he was like Nyash niaje. then he is like I like your songs nikamwambia thanks. Then he took his phone and told me unaeza nipiga picha na Jua Cali?” he said.