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Hilarious reactions from Kenyans As Uhuru addresses small crowds in Nyeri – PHOTOS


President Uhuru Kenyatta has caused a stir online over the small crowd he pulled during his visit in Nyeri County on Saturday.

Pictures doing rounds online show a handful of unexcited people receiving Uhuru in Nyeri a place that has been presumably his backyard.

In One of the photos, the number of vehicles on the president’s motorcade seemed to be more than the number of people who had come out to be addressed by him.

This comes just a few days after the President received a heroic welcome during his visit with opposition leader Raila Odinga.

Here is a sample of netizens’ reactions;

“Aki kikuyus we don’t give a damn! Uhuru in Tumutumu mathira Nyeri county addressing vehicles instead of the mammoth crowd that welcomes William Ruto..,” said @Keinorichy34.

“Uhuru’s reception in Nyeri is a strong statement of what we in Mt. Kenya have been saying all along…he failed us big time and we are suffering like NONSENSE despite voting for him. We reject anything else he says until the economy improves,” said @UgimaKenya.

“Even Moi the dictator didn’t get this unpopular. Mr President, you better ask yourself when did the rain start beating you! Uhuru in Nyeri but crowd ni kama ile ya watu wanapanga laini kununua mutura!” said @HonKirui1.

“President Uhuru’s mammoth crowd in Nyeri earlier today. The vehicles in his Motorcade outnumbers raia who turned up to welcome him. Even a Narc-K-nominated MCA can pull a crowd bigger than this, @Kipronkitur1 said.