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Hillcrest Secondary scoops the Under 19s Boys and Girls 2016 KAIISO Field Hockey Trophy


_DSC0549Member of the girls and boys Under 19s Hillcrest Hockey teams have successfully clinched the much sought after Kenya Association of International and Independent Schools Organisation (KAIISO) hockey league trophy.

Following a hotly contested field hockey tournament held at the school over the weekend, Hillcrest Under 19s Boys and Girls successfully clinched a position at the finals with both teams efficaciously defeating their respective counterparts from Peponi School in the Joab Omach Memorial Tournament.

Greensteds was thereafter defeated by both Under 19s teams at the semi-finals held on Wednesday, 9th March.

The girls’ teams ended in a 3-2 win with Hillcrest girls emerging victorious during regular time, against Braeburn Gitanga Road following a well executed final score by the skilled Diana Maganda.

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“I am extremely proud of our girls for their exemplary team spirit and the much needed support from our students, parents and teachers,” said Hillcrest Girls Field Hockey Team Coach.

The boys’ match ended in a 1-1 draw leading to a tense penalty shoot with 5 attempts at scoring and going straight into sudden death.

The final goal was scored by budding Hillcrest player Roan Carr-Hartley. “Our boys persisted through a tough final match emerging victorious, this is a great win for Hillcrest and our schools Hockey program,” said Joseph Otieno-Owuor Hillcrest Boys Field Hockey Team Coach.