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Hired Goons Burn Down Tents Of Mukuru Kwa Njenga IDPs

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A group of hired goons allegedly burnt down temporary tents of Internally Displaced Persons in the Mukuru Kwa Njenga demolitions.

The goons reportedly hired by land cartels reportedly hit the camp at around 3 am and set ablaze the tents provided by the government and the Kenya Red cross Society.

“While we were sleeping today at night, young men came and started burning our IDP tents at around 3am,” said a victim.

“We have no one to turn to, even the police didn’t come to help yet we have a police station nearby,” said a resident,” further cried the victim.

The IDPs however managed to repel the goons and put off the fire before it burnt down the entire camp.

Nairobi Metropolitan Services Director Major General Mohammed Badi, last Friday said that President Uhuru Kenyatta will provide iron sheets, timber and other building materials for the displaced residents.


The demolitions were meant to pave way for the expansion of Catherine Ndereba road. The road that is supposed to link the area to the Nairobi expressway.

The demolitions however, extended beyond the marked territory displacing more than 70,000 people.

The residents accuse Geoner systems firm of capitalizing the construction of Nairobi expressway to further their decade long feud to demarcate and uproot all the slum dwellers.

The residents request help from the government to stop threats and extortions from the said cartels.

In August 2017, the Nairobi City County officially declared Mukuru as a Special Planning Area, stopping any further development for two years until a Mukuru Integrated Development Plan is produced.




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