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Hit Squad final team for Maputo Games


The Boxing Federation of Kenya held trials this past weekend aimed at selecting a strong team for the continental men and women’s boxing tournament scheduled for Maputo, Mozambique between 9th and 18th September.

The Kenya Boxing team, Hit Squad has been recording poor performance in the past years with no wins at the 2020-2021 Olympic games and horrible outing at the recently concluded Birmingham Commonwealth games.

One of the coaches from the Defense Forces Amateur Boxing Association (DEFABA) shares with Ghetto Radio Sports what has been derailing the team and the improvements to be made in  ensuring that the boxing team restores its glory and brings medals home in the forthcoming championships.

“The poor performance by the national team is as a result of lack of cooperation. When the national team cooperates with its stakeholders which are the other teams in the country then we’ll be able to form one strong unit,” says Moses Mathenge.

“The national team cannot be strong enough on their own but when they engage with other teams from around the country then I feel like we will be able to revive boxing in our country,” he adds.

Coach Mathenge mentions that the trials are a good start in ensuring that the national team is well prepared to take on the task ahead of them.

“It is through such forums whereby different coaches from various clubs come together and share thoughts and if we do it more often we’ll get good and qualified boxers to represent the country in championships,” says Mathenge.

Mathenge believes that it is through regular trials and competitions that the national team will go to competitions with a purpose of winning.

“Most of the times selection is done without trials. When the team is picked without the boxers having to fight for the spot then they will be comfortable and not push themselves harder,” he says.

Among the boxers who managed to secure themselves a spot for the Africa Boxing Championship are veteran boxers Nick Okoth, Shaffi Bakari, Christine Ongare and welterweight boxer Steven Olang who will be making a debut in the championship among others.

Training camp for the selected boxers will begin on 30th August at the Mathare Police Depot.




Men Minimum weight (46-48kgs)

Silas Onyango (NBI)       0

Abednego Kyalo  (KDF) 3 🏆

Ladies Minimum weight (45- 48kgs)

🟥 Christine Ongare (Police) 3 🏆

🟦 Lence Akinyi    (NBI)          0

Men Fly 51kgs

🟥 David Karanja (Police) 3 🏆

🟦 Kelvin Maina   (KDF)    0

Ladies  Fly 52kgs

🟥 Emily Juma (NBI)            3 🏆

🟦 Veronica Mbithe  (KDF) 0 

Men Bantam 54kgs

🟥 Shaffi Bakari  (Police) 3 🏆

🟦 Michael Donga (NBI)  0

Ladies Bantam 54kgs

🟥 Amina Martha  (Kibra) 3 🏆   

🟦 Angela Akoth    (NBI)   0

Men Feather 57kgs

🟥 Samuel Njau (KDF)  3 🏆

🟦 Isaac Meja (KDF)     0

Ladies Light Fly 

🟥 Ann Wanjiru  (MBSA) 🏆 

🟦 w/o

Ladies Feather 57kgs

🟥 Alice Waiyego  (NBI)   0

🟦 Beatrice Akoth  (NBI)  3 🏆

Men Lightweight 60kgs 

🟥 Nick Okoth  (KDF)   3 🏆

🟦 Joshua Clive (NBI)  0

Ladies LightWelter 63kgs

🟥 Sylvia Obwamu  (NBI) 0

🟦 Praxides Oduor (NBI). 3 🏆

Ladies Lightweight 60kgs

🟥 Stacy Ayoma  (NBI) 🏆

🟦 w/o

Men Light welterweight 63.5kgs 

🟥 Anthony Maina  (Prison) 1

🟦 Ethan Maina  (Police).     2 🏆

Men Welter 67kgs

🟥 Joseph Shighali (Police) 0      

🟦 Steve Olang’ (NBI)            3 🏆

Men Light Middle 71kgs

🟥 Boniface Mogunde (Police) 3 🏆

🟦 Chris Orengo        (MBSA)     0 

Ladies Middle 75kgs

🟥 Elizabeth Andiego(Kentrack) 🏆

🟦 w/o

Men Middle 75kgs

🟥 Edwin Okong’o (KDF)      3 🏆

🟦 Sande Sinzole  (MBSA). 0

Men Light Heavy 80kgs

🟥 Francis Denga  (Kentrack)  0    

🟦 Robert Okaka  (NBI).           3 🏆

Ladies Light Heavy 81kgs

🟥 Elizabeth Akinyi (Kentrack) 3 🏆

🟦 Juliet Opondo (Siaya)          0

Ladies Heavy 81+ kgs

🟥 Media Muhatia  (KSM) 🏆

🟦 w/o

Men Cruiser 86kgs

🟥 Hezron Maganga (KDF) 🏆

🟦 Chris Ochanda (NBI) DSQ

Ladies Light Middle 70kgs

🟥 Everline Akinyi (KSM) 1

🟦 Lorna Kusa       (NBI)   2 🏆

Men Heavy 92kgs

🟥 Joshua Wasike (Police) 0

🟦 Peter Abuti (KDF).           3 🏆

Men Super Heavy 92+ kgs

🟥 Elly Ajowi (Police).   3 🏆

🟦 Fred Ramogi (KDF). 0 

By Stella Anyango.


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