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Homeboyz Radio Fined Ksh. 1Million, Breakfast Show Suspended For 6 Months


Communication Authority Of Kenya(CAK) has slapped Homeboyz Radio with a Ksh. 1 million fine and suspended its morning show ‘The Lift Off’ for a period of six months.

Dropping the bombshell The Communication Authority Director General Mercy Wanjau in a press address on Sunday, said that the comments made during the breakfast show on March 25, 2021 were in violation of the provisions of the law and the programming code which requires broadcasters to air decent and family-oriented programming during the watershed period.

The Media Regulating State Agency noted that the station’s presenters, Shaffie Weru, DJ Joe Mfalme and Neville Muysa discussed sexual matters in an explicit and offensive manner by glorifying sexual violence against women.

The State Agency mirrored that the show presenters “Exposed a victim of Gender Based Violence to ridicule by implying that it was the victim’s fault that she was targeted and assaulted”.

Homeboyz Radio was further directed to train its staff on Gender Based Issues certified by National Gender and Equality Commission and provide evidence of compliance by the authority.

The staff also have to undergo training on the Programming Code by the Authority.

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The besieged station is also required to publish a public apology in two newspapers with nationwide circulation and air the same apology on the station during prime-time period starting today for the next five days.

Homeboyz Radio bowed to pressure from netizens and sacked the three presenters last night.

Shaffie Weru,Neville and Joe Mfalme who are in charge of the morning show ‘The Lift Off’ woke up on Sunday to a rude shock of their sacking.

They had previously been suspended for two weeks.

The Homeboyz Trio landed in hot soup following their comments on Thursday morning about Eunice Wangari, who was reportedly thrown from the 12th floor of a building by a man after refusing his sexual advances.

The man allegedly treated Wangari for a date, she ate chicken and they shared alcohol, later the woman opted to leave for home and the agitated allegedly threw her off from the 12th floor.

Shaffie and his gang allegedly alluded that the woman was too willing to drive herself to her death trap.