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Homemade guns in circulation!

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It is now clear that there are homemade guns in circulation.

So beware of the homemade guns known a “Dikwaras”, which are being sold to thugs. They cannot fire rapidly because they lack the self eject mechanism for cartridges and they support two bullets only.

The criminals use them mainly to facilitate their escape when confronted by police, also to scare and terrorize innocent people.

The difference between ‘bonoko’ and  ‘dikwara’ is that actually  ‘bonoko’ is a fake or toy gun whereas ‘dikwara’ is a homemade gun that can kill when fired.

The home made guns or “Dikwaras” are apparently made in Chokaa Area in Njiru Constituency. However a warning has been issued by one of the “Hesys” (blackest widow) on the ‘Dandora Crime’ Facebook page. He warns the guys making the guns that their days have been numbered.



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