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Horrible Tales of Mukuru Kwa Njenga Demolition Victims as Rains Hit

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The residents of Mukuru kwa Njenga whose houses were demolished 20 days ago are now suffering in heavy rains and cold  being experienced in the city.

The residents  who are currently living in make-shift houses  blamed the government for not honoring its promises of rebuilding them new structures.

 “It has been hard with heavy rains and we are appealing to president Uhuru Kenyatta to come to on our rescue, the last time General Badi  was here he said he was sent by president to intervene into our situation and ensure we have a new life but till now we haven’t  seen anything. He promised to give us iron sheets, woods and other building materials so that we construct our houses again 10 days later nothing to show.’’ David Omwera told Ghetto Radio News.

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According to residents their  children are at home following demolitions of their  schools in  the slums.

“Our children are not going to  school I mean these people demolished everything.. for my case the demolition exercise happened when I was  at my aunt place, when I came back with my children all  my properties including books and uniforms for my kids  were all swept…we have remained in cold since then …’’ Mary Kwamboka said.

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The Nairobi Metropolitan Services health department has also warned on the possible water-borne diseases out break in the area.

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“The rain is too much and if quick intervention are not taken then lets expect worse  in Mukuru ,the sanitation there is horrible no drainage, no water points they are staring at water-borne disease and the scenario will be uncontrollable…we have talked to our disease surveillance team and something is being done to address the possible out break.’’ A source at health department NMS told Ghetto Radio News on phone.

About 70,000 were affected by the demolitions that was meant  to pave way for the construction of Express Way links but the exercise was later hijacked by land cartels who extended the demolition beyond earmarked areas.