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Horrific stories of nursing mothers being raped by morgue attendants at KNH

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Kenyatta National Hospital has been put on the spot over claims of rape meted on mothers who have just given birth by mortuary attendants.

The story broke out on Social Media after women who have been through the horrendous acts shared their different stories of their ordeals.

Many women who have given birth at the hospital stated how they were forced to move in groups at night to breastfeed their children in the nursery to avoid being raped.

The maternity ward at the Kenyatta National Hospital is on the third floor of the hospital while the nursery where the children are lying is on the first floor.

“Rape in KNH hasn’t started today… Those mums with kids in nursery go through mess. They get raped by the mortuary attendants who collect bodies from wards. When i was admitted, they used to go as a group of 7-10 mums. “Jaribu kupiga nduru tukufanye mananasi” such a pity kz they treat them like mananasi (dead people)

“This is very true, happened to me in 2016 after delivering, the baby was taken to the NBU. They chased me kwa hizo corridor mind you was less than a day from CS. Scares me to date,” shared one woman.

“I know the whole story of women being raped na hata nurses was NBU used to warn us against walking alone, they recommended you walk in groups so management inajua hizi stories,” shared another one.

Some women say nurses at the hospital even warned them against using the hospital’s lifts as that is the place where the heinous acts happen.

According to the ordeals, the rapists who in most instances are morgue attendants first scare their victims with dead bodies before raping them.


Here are the screenshots of the conversations;





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