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  • Ogendo says men as providers and protectors of their families are expected to find solutions and alternatives quickly when their homes are razed to the ground.
  •  He urges men affected by house demolitions to seek counseling services

Tom Ogendo, a Champion for the well-being of men now says house demolitions that have now become rampant in the country affect men more.

He reveals that the demolitions hit the men most as they serve as the heads of the households.
“In most cases the men who are head of their families are affected the most because they have heavily invested in those homes that have been demolished,” he said.

Men’s Ego Crushed

Speaking to Ghetto Radio news, Ogendo from the African Boy Child Network says men being the traditional providers and protectors of their families are expected to find solutions and alternatives when their homes are razed to the ground

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“There ego is crushed in the essence that the man now lacks the confidence even to solve issues from a family angle ….this is somebody who is now starting from zero as he is now homeless,”

The weight or responsibility he says can lead to depression and a significant disruption of the family unit.
Ogendo emphasized that owning a home is often perceived as a significant achievement, a symbol of masculinity and responsibility.

Men Embracing Counseling services

When this achievement is forcibly taken away he says, it can leave men feeling lost and overwhelmed, crushing their self-esteem and ego.
“Men get disturbed in such situations, there mental stability gets interfered with but what they need at that point is to get counseling services so as to help them cope with the situation because if that does not happen then there is a likelihood of the man falling into depression,”

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Demolitions in Nairobi

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This comes on the heels of the continuing demolition of houses in Mavoko, Athi River Machakos County.
The residents have been in a long legal battle with the east African Portland cement company over ownership of the land to which the company won.

October 16, 2023

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