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Househelp locks up pregnant employer over salary delay

Househelp locks up pregnant employer over salary delay

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A woman claimed to have spent the better part of Tuesday in police custody after her house help conspired to have her locked up for delaying her pay.

The 24-year-old domestic worker is claimed to have used her connections with the police in Ruai to have her employer, Milka Njiru, in custody until she paid the dues.

This is despite the two having signed an agreement seen by The Metropolitan that stipulated that Christine Awino Kuke would be paid on the sixth of every month.

However, according to Ms Njiru, Christine demanded her pay on July 31 and said she was ‘no longer interested in working as a maid’.

And when she was told she had to wait, she is said to have colluded with the police to have Ms Njiru arrested at her place of work. No statement “I did not write a statement. Nothing. I was just locked up in the crime office. The police insisted that I give her what she is owed,” she told The Metropolitan at her home in Ruai. Police, however, denied Ms Njiru spent the day in their cells.

There were also no records in the Occurrence Book to show she was arrested and booked as is the procedure.


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