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Househelp Poisoned, Spine Broken By Employer’s Husband

The family of a 20 year old househelp who died last week after she was allegedly poisoned and physically strangled is crying for justice over her murder.

Cynthia Njanjala who worked as a househelp in Embakasi was allegedly abducted by her employer’s husband and his friends poisoned her, broke her spine and then left for the dead.

According to a report seen by Ghetto Radio, Nanjala complained that her employer’s husband made sexual advances towards her only six days to the job.

“Nanjala complained that the man of the house was interested in her but she wasn’t interested in returning his affections and was worried it would jeopardize her work. 13th May was the last day that she was seen hanging clothes at her employers flat,” reads the report.

According to the report the deceased was in the process of training another girl before she mysteriously disappeared only to be found dumped in Lungalunga.

She was then rushed to the Kenyatta National Hospital by well-wishers where it was established that apart from the physical marks, she had also been poisoned.

“Well wishers rushed her to hospital, where she was referred to KNH, where it was also indicated she had been poisoned as well. She managed to get someone to call her sister, who she allegedly gave a bedside confession that her misfortunes had been caused by her employer’s husband alongside his friends who had abducted her and inflicted mortal harm on her.”


Nanjala however died on the 3rd of June after making a confession to her sister on what had happened to her.