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How 20 Year Old Shirleen Mukami Scammed Kenyans In A Well Orchestrated Plan


Blogger Edgar Obare has exposed a 20 year old girl Shirleen Mukami for allegedly scamming Kenyans in pretense of running a foundation to support young mothers.

In a lengthy Twitter Thread Shirleen drew sympathy from Kenyans after telling her story on how she got pregnant as a teenager, lost friends and even strained her relationship with her parents.

Shirleen stated that her situation drove to start a foundation to help other teen mums who might have had a similar experience as hers only for the whole thing to turn out to be a well orchestrated scandal with her baby daddy.

She went ahead and gave a PayBill number which according to Obare raised Ksh. 800,000.

Obare’s source, a friend of Cabu Gah claims that part of the collected cash was used to replace Cabu Gah’s written off car with a new one.

 The friend spilled the beans to blogger Edgar Obare, with screenshots to back the claims.  

 “So recently, he gave his friend Duncan Ojuka his car ikapata accident so it was kinda written off by insurance. Hii plan ya mchanga is to get money for a new car and maybe get sharleen to stop bothering him,” wrote the whistle blower.

The friend also added that, Shirleen Mukami had been coached on what to say in case she gets questioned.


The friend accused the alleged baby daddy, Kenneth Gachie of writing the twitter thread himself along with the pictures to gain sympathy from Kenyans.

Through a series of WhatsApp group chat screenshots, the mastermind boasts of his genius plan and how he has been able to raise Ksh.814,117.18 .  

The friends in the group gassed him up telling him he got brains and laughed at how sympathetic people are on twitter.

One of the friends in the group chat also advised him to groom Shirleen Mukami.

“Sasa Hadi ukagroom…have a foundation…najua Chao na Wamaviriri watakahoji,” he wrote.

The sympathetic story had blown up on social media and reached National wide coverage through mainstream media channels drawing attention of prominent personalities such as Martha Karua.

It even gained International attention appearing on the Instagram feed of  ‘ the Melanin shadesroom’ a platform that connects black people all over the world.

They went ahead to caption the post, “ y’all this is reall #single mother’s really go through alot! For anyone who wants to donate to this inspiring initiative please click the link in our stories ( on this thread)“.

In a since deleted video on Shirleen’s twitter handle, she refutes the claim that her heart wrenching appeal was a scam stating that Cabugah officially known as Kenneth Kabuga was joking with his boys. She added in a tweet that it is random idle talk they do in the group insisting that her charity is legitimate and she was already visiting homes.  

Netizens have been left shocked, disappointed, angry and confused at the whole situation, some calling for the funds to be withheld.