The Amazon Web services(AWS) today launched it’s Africa’s Second Development centre in Nairobi.

In the event graced by President Ruto, US Ambassador to Kenya, Meg Whitman, Nairobi governor among other dignitaries, it was apparent how big of a milestone and instrumental the development Centre was to the Country.

This is in line with Cloud computing fast becoming an indispensable technological skill.

Further, the unemployment rate in Kenya is currently at 12.7 percent, with young people aged 15-34 being the most affected, with a 67 percent unemployment rate. Over 1 million young people enter the labor market every year without any skills to help them get gainful employment.

The AWS and the Information Communication Technology (ICT) Authority announced plans to upskill 10,000 students using AWS Academy in April 2023.


This acquisition of advanced, market-relevant skills is expected to tackle underemployment in the country, as more than 50,000 Kenyans graduate from institutions of higher learning every year with very few being gainfully employed in their area of training.

Felix Munyoki, a data analytics cloud support engineer at the new Centre who initially worked in South Africa shared how it was a dream to work locally following the launch of the Development Centre in Kenya.

“I have been with Amazon Web services(AWS) for almost 4 years. I started my journey back in the Vibrant city of cape town as a cloud supporter engineer. When I was presented with an opportunity to return home to Kenya, it was a dream come true.” He said.

Munyoki hailed Kenya as a prominent digital hub in Africa which harbors exceptional tech talent ready to make a real impact.

“As a proud member of the data analytics team, my role revolves around collaborating with customers. Guiding them through the intricacies of building data solutions on AWS. Whether it is providing architectural insights during the initial AWs setup or troubleshooting or resolving issues. I am dedicated to ensure a seamless experience.” He said.














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