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How Baba Dogo Foundation is using talents to sensitize youth onBBI

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A foundation in Nairobi’s Baba Dogo area has taken the initiative to educate the youth and women on the Building Bridges Initiative Document.

Ringo Foundation founder Victor Omondi says that there is a lot of misconception about the BBI document.

Omondi says that his foundation is holding forums with the youth and breaking it down to them the benefits that come with the document.

“BBI is a good document. I am trying to tell them the kind of job benefits the document is going to bring to the youth,” said Omondi.

Omondi says that his foundation is also holding  football and talent search forums for the youth in a bid to support them.

“As a youth born in Lucky Summer, i know that there are many talents that go to waste. I know there are footballers, boxers and many youths who are skilled differently, so the foundation id helping them develope these talents for a better future” he said.

He says that the sporting events are helping the youth shun societal vices like crime and drug abuse.


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