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How BBQ Live Duped revelers during Wizkid’s Concert

How BBQ Live Duped revelers during Wizkid's Concert

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Organizers of the BBQ live concert which took place last weekend at KICC have come under fire after accusations of them failing to meet their promises at the Wizkid were aired online.

Some of the concert goers who were at the event say that the organizers did not meet any of the things they listed as part of the package for the concert some claimed was too expensive.

Martha Onyango, a lady who claims to have paid twenty five thousand shillings for the concert’s VVIP section took to social media to show how she was not pleased with the treatment she got at the concert.

Martha said the only listed item that the event met was the free uber ride but when she got the venue she was short changed as the free bar offered in the VVIP ticket and food were never served.
“I wonder why it’s ok for an organization like bbq live to mess around with people and think that’s it’s business as usual.
Saturday…we get to the venue early enough… hungry- cause we were promised some amazing meat from their grills. Bring it! We sit down and we are moved from our table cause ‘the president is coming for the concert’ and the table we were on was reserved for him and a team of 200 people. Meanwhile, there are probably less than 150 seats in the VVIP lounge. Anyway, dear waitress… please bring our drinks…thank you! ‘Ok.. that will be shs. X’ I keep calm cause she probably hasn’t been briefed on the way things are working here. Maybe she’s been hired last minute and she doesn’t know it’s an open bar. Anyway, turns out the only truth to this flyer was the uber and the stage setting. I tried to ask event managers why they had lied to us but no one really cared to give me a solid answer.” she wrote

The organizers are yet to issue a statement regarding the claims.




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