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How bus operators are conning Kenyans desperate to travel to Western

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Hundreds of Kenyans desperate to travel to the countryside continue to fall victims of conmen lying to them that they can facilitate their travels outside the lockdown area.

Mercy Nasieku was today left stranded in the CBD after the said conmen issued her with a fake receipt to Bungoma after paying Ksh. 3,000.

After finding out that she had been conned, she then demanded to be paid her money only for the alleged conmen to hold her bag.

“I had booked the vehicle at the cost of Ksh. 3,000. They then gave me a receipt and told me that we will travel at night,” narrated Nasieku.

Nasieku says that the bus operators then asked he to leave her bags with them only for them to refuse to give them back to her.

The operators stationed at the Country Bus Station allegedly lie to travelers that they can sneak them out of the lock down areas at night and take them to Western.

They claim that they charge the exorbitant amounts to facilitate the bribes and the long routes they are going to take to escape road blocks.

“Along the way, I suspected that they had conned me, so I went back and asked them that I wanted my bags back, but they refused to give them to me saying that I must travel with them,” she narrates.

She was then helped get her bag by good samaritans who heard her raise the alarm.

The government imposed a lock down on five counties namely, Nairobi, Kiambu, kajiado, Machakos and Nakuru restricting movement to Nyanza and Western from Nairobi.


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