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How Covid-19 has affected HIV patients’ access to drugs


For street families living in various parts of the country, every day is filled with fear especially during these tough times.

A number of them have had to face various challenges even as the government enforces various measures to fight the novel Covid-19.

Njeri, a street mum, says she is very scared of the global pandemic that has wreaked havoc in the world.

She says she has no place to eat, sleep or even wash her hands as is advised in the fight against Covid-19.

Njeri is HIV positive and says because of different measures put in place, she has not been able to go for her ARVs in days because of fear.

Speaking to Ghetto Radio, the distraught lady says she fears to go about her normal daily business because she fears she may contract Covid-19.

“I have used ARVs for the last five years. At first, I did not even know I was positive until I got Amoeba then the doctor tested me and told me I’m positive. Right now even if I go for the ARVs where we get them, I don’t take them because we don’t have food. I only take them on the days I have food.” She said

Njeri has also called on the government to relocate street families to a place where they have a constant supply of water and food.

“I wish the government would put us in a place where we can eat and have access to water even for washing our hands. I fear this Coronavirus because even where we live, there’s an open sewer line running through. I fear going about normally because I know if I get Corona I will not survive. We need help because we are at risk.” She added