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How Dandora Man Uses Dogs To Herd And Graze His Cows


A section of Dandora Phase Five residents are puzzled at how a man is using dogs to mysteriously  herd his cows in the crime prone Dandora and Korogocho areas.

The puzzled residents explained to Ghetto Radio News how the dogs will take the cows to graze, guard them and then take them safely back to the man’s home.

Jimco Wameyo a resident of Dandora Phase Five says that an attempt to touch the cows will be met by wild agression from the dogs.

Wameyo says several people have attempted to steal the cows to no success making them think that he might be using charm.

Another resident who has tried to keep goat and chicken but lost them to thugs says that attempts to inquire from the man’s sons on how they have hacked to use dogs to graze cows to no success.

He says that the sons only tell them to speak to the mzee to get the secret.

“We have tried to get the secrets from the sons because we have also tried to keep chicken and goats but we have lost them to thugs and robbers in the area,” said the resident.

“We are only left to conclude that this mzee might be using charm and if yes, which charm is this because we also want to use it on our digs to guard our property,” he narrates.

A visit to Dandora Phase Five saw two brown and black Rhodesian Ridgeback dogs herding four cows.