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How Hessy trailed suspected thug Bryan Kigonyi to church


Just one day after a suspected thug Bryan Kigonyi surrendered his life to Christ, under cover cops have revealed how they keenly followed his submission in church.

According to Hessy Wa Tabia an undercover cop working with the infamous Hessy Wa Dandora says Kigonyi only surrendred himself to Christ after his money wells of pleasing the big boys ran dry.

Hessy wa Tabia claims that he followed Kigonyi to the Hope Ministries Church in Pipeline Estate where Kigonyi looked like a dejected fella.

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“I looked at Brayoh Kigonyi on that podium and I saw a dejected guy! A tired fella, and most of all a confused guy who is full of unsamountable regrets! The guy is holding on to soot strands and his advisors are doing him no good at all,” said Hessy Wa Tabia.

While the cop supports Kigonyi’s move to surrender himself to Christ, he says he needs to make it look real by surrendering his gun to the police as well.

“Going to church and getting saved is very inorder but so is surrendering yourself to the police station, with the gun u use in your operations. Telling the truth is not hard! Standing by the truth ain’t hard either! And most definitely living right is the easiest thing ever!” he stated.