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How I Almost Died Of Depression During Birth – Size 8


Size88It is one thing to give a life and have another life so dear to you taken away. A worse situation is when you can barely hold this new life you have given birth to close to your heart neither can you go say goodbye to the life that was so dear to you.

This is the sad story of gospel singer Linnet Munyali a.k.a size 8. Her story of the birth of her daughter Ladasha Belle and the death of her mother, is a story that only befits a storyline of a Hollywood movie and not a real life story.

“I had a lot of complications during the delivery of my daughter Ladasha Belle,” She narrated to Ghetto Radio’s Breakfast Show Host Majimaji.

“My placenta was not transporting enough nutrients to my baby and so when i gave birth, they had to place her in the incubator,” she narrated.

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And just hours after Size 8 had given birth, the songstress had to be placed in an ICU. The traumatizing news of her mother’s death reached her just a day after she had given birth.

‘All this was just hard for me. I cried for days on end. IO got to a point that i got depressed and would wail in the hospital. It is then that one of the psychiatrists who was asigned to me at the hospital told me that i had to go see my mother’s body for closure,” she said.

The songstress was the forced to leave her new born baby with the nurses and travel to see her mother’s body to get closure of everything.

Size 8’s mother was burried in Uganda and unfortunately she was not able to travel to Uganda for her burial.

“These events turned my life around, i promised God during that time that i will continue serving him to the end. I will go to all TV and Radio Stations and tell everyone how He saved my life. It is the testimony i profess to date,” she said.