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How I Made It On Etana’s New Album, Michael Bundi

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Fast rising Kenyan reggae artist Michael Bundi has opened up on how he made it on popular Jamaican female reggae artist Etana’s new album.

In an interview with Ghetto Radio Jamrock Doba’s host Deejay Charra, Bundi stated that he had done a short song Etana which went viral and caught the attention of Etana.

“Nilifanya song juu ya Etana  inaitwa ‘A song for Etana’ nikashare pale twitter ilienda viral hadi ikafikia Etana ndio baadaye tukafanya ngoma inaitwa ‘pamoja’ ambayo pia ina msanii wa Jamaica anaitwa Yahsha,” said Bundi.

Etana’s new album ‘Pamoja’ is dedicated to Kenyans for their undying love towards reggae music.

He has also worked with another Jamaican Star known as Delando in a song titled ‘look a work’ which is yet to be released.

With almost eight years in the music industry, he is best known for doing cover songs which propelled him to greatness though he says corporates and event organizers don not pay much to cover artist’s during gigs.

“Nilianza kufanya original songs lakini covers ndio zilifanya nijulikane,changamoto kubwa ni unapata corporates hawalipi doo mob kwa cover artist’s,” added the ’employment’ Singer.

He further called upon fans to respect cover artists as other original Star’s for they also put in work in propelling a song.

YouTube also has strict regulations on cover artists as much of their efforts go to composers.

On future prospects Michael Bundi is preparing an album “Boom Shot’ which will drop at the end of the year, it has collaborations with artist’s from Kenya, Nigeria, Ghana,Jamaica and the Caribbean Islands of Antigua.

He attributes his love for reggae as a medium for fighting social injustices and spreading good vibes. Written By Steve Osaka.


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