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  • KRG The Don says he is 4.2 billion shillings rich.
  • He has been under pressure to reaveal his source of wealth after flaunting load of cash in social media.

Kenyan Singer and businessman KRG The Don has told off his critics questioning how he made his billions.According to the flamboyant singer he engages in a lot including international business deals but not worth to tell his enemies.

The Don has been recently showing off his loads of cash which later became talk of town.He raised eye brows after ostensibly flaunted his heavy cash on social media begging the question of his source of wealth.

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“How i make my money is none of your business there is so many ways how we do it so long we are in legal and legit business and we have enemies and you want me to come and parade it here? So that they can go and block then I become broke, because if you want to beat your enemies you don’t fight them ,don’t go and slap them the best way is to beat where their money come from …we are smart people we do a lot and even internationally…I do so many things for other people abroad and have to explain to someone unless you are from the authorities ..the authorities are free to ask me hii pesa yangu imetoka wapi imeenda wapi na imeingia wapi but not you so to my fans I owe you  no explanation kwa Sababu Kila mtu Ako na shida zake” He said.

“For me am an established businessman and i have different source of getting money and they are all legit.. when you have your paper work done there’s no one who can disturb you pay your taxes,  you have back up and you can justify this money came from this place.” he added.

Advise To Boy Child

KRG on the other hand called on his fans to invest first before getting into  unnecessary relationship. According to him the boy child is endangered and are being hoodwinked by women for no apparent reason.

“Am not saying this to diminish human beings,am helping the boy child because of what ? Imagine parents took you through the system from school to where you are right are making less than 1000 dollars a month but guess what instead of you settling down and establishing yourself ,you want to engage your feelings to  women.Women speak softly but sometimes alot with a lot of sense wanasema mwanamume bila pesa sio mwanamume..can you first concentrate in building yourself first and invest.” The Don said.

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