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How Jamaican Star,Natty King Was Received At The Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (Pics)


natty king1Employees at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport must have gone home with a lot of queries regarding the way real ‘Rastas’ welcome one of their icon home. I mean,you should have been there when fans accompanied Ghetto Radio’s crew in welcoming Jamaican sentimental star,one Natty King in the country ahead of his mega #TambuaEastlandoReggeaConcert on the 30th April 2016.

There was this fine guy with thick locks who treated Natty to a shocker. I mean,he asked Natty to sit down so that he can wash his feet.

Talk of a band. Drums and rolls. Kids,fans and excitement all over the airport when the ‘No Gun To Town’  star set foot on the 254.

Super producer Jackie talks of Natty King’s humility. Adorable. His style….oh my. Simplicity at its best. He was even spotting closed sandals shoes and a pair socks. His bold side came when he opted to do a pair of jeans, checked shirt accompanied by a neatly done tie and a BLING on top. Now that’s what i call going bold with style.

Natty King is in the country ahead of his much anticipated concert to go down at Buruburu’s finest spot,The Point Mall on Saturday the 30th April 2016 from 6pm-dawn.

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Entrance fee at the gate is 500/- (Regular) and 1500/-(VVIP).

A miss on this one is a total  diss.

#TambuaEastlando #NattyKingMtaani.

Check out the photos below;