In Summary

  • Joy’s passion in fashion and beauty started when she was a teenager.
  • The biggest challenge she faced was being short-changed by global companies managed by agencies.
  • Joy dates Phillipe Bresson.

‘’Happy Monday beautiful people so I have a “small” announcement to make… I am incredibly excited and humbled to announce that I am the face of HIDESIGN’s new collection campaign,” Joy announced.

Joy Kendi was born on September 1988, in Kenya. They moved to the United States when she was 6years and relocated back to Kenya in 2009.

She attended both primary and high school in the United States before proceeding to United States International University, where she obtained a bachelor’s degree in psychology.

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Joy has been in a relationship with Phillipe Bresson for over two years.

The Journey

Joy Kendi on Beach wear. PHOTO Courtesy

Since she was a teen, Joy created an interest in fashion.

She applied to many fashion scholarships but never got a chance. This, however, didn’t make her give up on her dreams.

She had to come up with an idea!

She took her friend for auditions at Changing Times but later ended up landing a role as a cast member.

Joy quit after six months to focus on blogging and beauty.

Casey Neistat, Karla Dera, Jenna Marbles and Philip DE Franco are some of the people who have greatly influenced and helped Joy in her fashion journey.

In 2020, Joy Kendi launched her own fashion brand, named Itikadi. The fashion line produced gorgeous Palazzo pants and comfy kimonos.

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Joy has now become the face of an international fashion brand called Hi-Design.

Joy has a YouTube channel where she posts about fashion, beauty, and travelling and food obsession.

Some Of the Challenges Joy Faced.

Joy Kendi and Boyfriend. PHOTO Courtesy

Some of the challenges Joy stated were such as photography .While starting, her boyfriend used to take her pictures but then they had a different schedule. She had to get her own photographer.

Photographers would do it as a favor to build their portfolio as you build yours. Whenever they get a better paying gig, they just leave and one remains stranded.

She said that the biggest challenge was getting paid. She said there’s a lot of corruption especially in big global companies that hire agencies to handle their brands. According to her, money is set aside for influencers, but it gets misused by the agencies, and they end up being short-changed.

By Harriet Wambui

August 23, 2023

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