How Khaligraph and Eric Omondi fooled Kenyans with a fake beef

How Khaligraph and Eric Omondi fooled Kenyans with a fake beef

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If you are an ardent follower of rapper Khaligraph and comedian Eric Omondi then chances are that you noticed the beef between the two in the last couple of days.

Sadly word has it that their back and forth is apparently manufactured to promote a new social media application known as Olla.

The two have been using the hashtag #OllaAtMe in their supposed online beef to keep fans entertained.

Last week Khaligraph  said that the Untamed comedian is not happy about his success and that could be the reason for the friction between them.

“Not everyone will be happy for you when they see you making moves, making things happen. Some people, and he’s one of them, never thought I would be setting standards or taking the steps I am taking in my career. They see a young man who’s just emerged and they are scared,” he said.

It is alleged that the beef began when Omondi recorded a video of him giving a petrol station attendant money to help fuel and service Khaligraph’s Range Rover. Khaligraph later responded with a one-minute diss track that made a buzz online which further prompted Omondi to post a starter pack that included bleaching agent, a jab at Khaligraph on the rumours that he had bleached his skin.

Well it seems that there was no beef to begin with and the two entertainers were just out paper chasing.