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How Meg C faked Coronavirus attack to promote her new song


Last week songstress Yisriya Salim popularly known as Meg C in a social media post, claimed that she has been isolated at the Kenya-Tanzania border halting her trip back to Nairobi.

According to a video shared on social media, the songstress said she was verbally attacked by a passenger who kept insisting she has Coronavirus.

The singer narrated how she had not been feeling well during her trip back to Nairobi from Tanzania and even developed a cough. This prompted an attack from a fellow passenger.

“I am willingly accepting to do the test and whatever they asked me. They are polite to me and I have accepted them to check me. I have accepted them to check me because I am coughing and I’m not feeling well, I am coughing. It is sad someone called me corona. I’m in tears” he said

Turns out, the singer was busy clout chasing to promote her new song dubbed Infinity.

The singer dropped her song just a day after dominating trending chats over her alleged attack.

The song has garnered over 2k views on streaming platform Youtube.

A spot-check on her Instagram page also shows that the singer is not in an isolation facility as she had earlier claimed. She may not even be in the country, to begin with.

So with the views on her latest jam, was it worth it to use a global pandemic to promote it?

Check out the song below: