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  • Court was informed that he was at flight risk
  • Mwenda appeared before DCI at his convinience
  • He had relaxed demeanor

The bail application for ‘fake lawyer’ brian mwenda was meet with sharp opposition after the Law Society of Kenya has asked the court to deny  bail and remand him in prison.

LSK President Eric Theuri told court that Mwenda is a flight risk and if released he might abscond the case.

Theuri told Chief Magistrate Lucas Onyina that Mwenda evaded police arrest and availed himself at the DCI at his own convenience.

He played the video clips posted by Mike Sonko on social media showing him with Mwenda assuring the public that he was not under arrest but would present himself to the police station when required.

Theuri said Mwenda looked relaxed in the video sipping from a Red Bull can.

Theuri said the accused was aware that he was being sought by police but chose not to present himself to police.

Mwenda was charged on Wednesday with six counts related to forging a practicing certificate and certificate of admission.

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He cited also statement by former Nairobi governor Mike sonko in the video that went viral that they had initiated the plant to airlift Mwenda to study law abroad.

LSK president further stated that Mwenda had represented clients who are now furious after learning that he was a quack lawyer and might bay for his blood and that informed the need to locked him in lawful police custody.

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